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Sport 11 is an application (website) is a portal where you can find cricket based online fantasy game. Sport11 has some rules and condition which user have to follow mandatory since the app is not connected with any private or government competitions.

  • Any user who uses service of Sport11 or Sport11 app or platform for involving in different matches and games, accessible on the platform will be automatically agreed to the Terms and Conditions with other rules, regulation and terms given by Sport11 service.
  • Sport11 will be entitled to modify these Terms and Conditions, rules, regulations and terms of use referred to herein or provided by Sport11 in relation to any Sport11 Services, at any time, by posting the same on Sport11.
  • Sport11 may, at its sole discretion, also inform the User of any change or modification in these Terms and Conditions, rules, regulations and terms provided by Sport11, by way of mailing to the subscriber's nominative email address or posting notifications in the User accounts.
  • If the changes of rules and regulation not exercise in given time of period then it will change as a matter of course and can be seen by user which was showing Sport11 non-acceptance of altered terms and condition.
  • The app is not affiliated with any official or non-official teams or persons neither Sport11 support or inspire any kind of betting or gambling in any way.
  • There will be some services which has extra rule, terms and regulation for the user which must be followed.
  • Sport11 can perform following on the platform,
    • Modify, suspend, or delay all or any part of the Sport11 Platform Services;
    • Shift or eliminate any content that is available on Sport11 Platform;
    • Organize general practices and limits relating use of Sport11 Platform;
    • Restrict, halt or cease any User's access to all or any part of Sport11 or Sport11 Platform Services;
    • Cancel, Shift or delete any material that may be submitted by a User;
    • Deactivate or remove a User's account and all connected information and files on the account;
    • Revise or make additions to the record of players keen for selection in a Contest on account of deviations to the record of players involved in the relevant Sports Event;
    • Allocate its rights and liabilities to all User accounts to any object(post such assignment implication of such assignment shall be sent to all Users to their registered email ids)
  • At the time of any erasing of a user's account because of default on the part of Sport11, at that time the company will repay the amount charge for the feature given by Sport11. But no refund would be made in time of elimination due to:
    • The violation of the terms and condition defined by Sport11 or improper use of Sport11 or Service features by Sport11; or
    • Any situation above logical control of Sport11.
  • The promorter's fee of Rs 100 is only valid for a period of 1 year.
  • The Customers whereby accepting the terms and conditions of Sport11 accept Communications as well as publications, advertisement and administrative messages from Sport11 or any of its affiliates, partners and associates.
  • Sport11 combines a bunch of Content solely developed by Sport11, Affiliates of Sport11, Partners and licensors/users of Sport11. The property of Sport 11 including Software are and fun features are owned by Sport11 and its partners or Affiliates moreover all advertisement, fun feature materials, Games, Written content, logos, audios, videos and animations are count as property of Sport11.
  • Any user can send a request to modify, publish or participating in transfer, recreating and replicate of work, and showing publically content of No user are authorized to modify, transmit, publish, participate in the transfer or sale of, create derivative works of, reproduce, publicly perform, publicly display, distribute, or exploit any of the materials or content published on Sport11 in any way, either in entire or in part until and unless users have written license from Sport11 or authorities.
  • The users of Sport11 by accepting the terms and conditions sanctioned Sport11 and its affiliates, associates, partners and licensors a worldwide, unalterable, royalty-free, non-exclusive, sub-licensable license to use, create derivative works of, reproduce, distribute, publicly perform, publicly display, transfer, transmit, and/or publish Users' Content for any of the following purposes:
    • This license will utilize to the distribution and the storage of Users' Content in any form, technology or mean.
    • Showing Users' Content on
    • Saving Users' Content in a remote database convenient by end users, for a charge.
    • allotting Users' Content, either electronically or via other media, to other Users questing to download or otherwise secure it, and/or
  • Authorization of user to acceptance of announcements such as administrative messages, announcements, and advertisements from Sport11 or any of its partners, associates or licensors.
  • Users area unit alone answerable for all materials (whether publically announce or in confidential transmitted) that they transfer, post, e-mail, transmit, or otherwise build obtainable on Sport11 ("Users' Content"). Every User represents and warrants that he/she owns all material possession Rights within the User's Content which is not a part of the User's Content breaches any third party rights. Users additional ensure and undertake to not show or use of the names, logos, marks, labels, trademarks, copyrights or intellectual and proprietary rights of any third party on Sport11. Users comply with remunerate and hold harmless Sport11, its administrators, employees, affiliates and assigns against all prices, damages, loss and hurt together with towards measure prices and counsel fees, concerning any third party claims that will be initiated together with for violation of material possession Rights arising out of such show or use of the names, logos, marks, labels, trademarks, copyrights or intellectual and proprietary rights on Sport11, by such User or through the User's commissions or omissions.
  • There is also different links to substitute websites closely-held and operated by third parties on which can contain totally different conditions for users' use of the location. The Sport11 authorities don't maintain any control or responsibilities for websites except, and thus, it shall not be control liable for any content denote on any third party computer. Further, the involvement of Sport11 with any of the third-party content or links to third-party websites isn't associated with any form of endorsement by Sport11 of such third-party.
  • Sport11 is neither related to nor liable for the correspondence, transactions, and every one alternative connected activities between the user and third parties together with payment suppliers and verification service suppliers on The users' involvement with third parties is entirely obsessed with the terms and conditions, policies and services terms of those third parties and also the user's square measure solely responsible for reviewing the policies, terms and conditions, and also the service terms of those third parties before transacting or availing any of the services. Acceptive the Terms and Conditions of Sport11 the users agree that Sport11 isn't liable for any form of injury or loss two-faced by the users because of any form of transactions, agreement and everyone connected endeavors with any of the third parties. Any queries, complaints, or claims associated with any third party product or service ought to be directed to the suitable business person.
  • includes a bunch of content created and denote by either Sport11 also as varied third parties. Sport11 doesn't hold liable for the accuracy, integrity or the standard of the content created and denote by any of the third parties and such content might not be relied upon by the Users in terms of mistreatment the Fun options provided by the Sport11 platform or participating in any of the contests hosted on the Sport11 platform.

All information of user which is collected by Sport11 like registration, personal details and credit card details will subject to Sport11’s privacy policy which can be seen in privacy policy.

  • The Terms and Conditions, rules, laws and terms of use outlined by Sport11 for its users area unit obligatory to be followed by the users and in an occasion if the user fails to follow the Terms and Conditions, rules, laws, and terms of use adequately the authorities of Sport11 holds all the rights to require action against such user, which could contain (but not restricted to):
    • Deactivating or deleting a User's account and everyone connected data and files on the account; or
    • Restricting, suspending, or terminating any User's access to any or all or any a part of's Fun Features;
    • Refraining from subsidization any prize(s) to such User.
  • By acceptive the Terms and Conditions of Sport11, the individual's development services offered by Sport11 obey to provide true, accurate, current and complete data whereas registration and at different times once demanded by Sport11. The person with any offer consent to keeping their registration data updated.
  • In any such cases, if Sport11 will find a user(s) is violating the ‘Terms and Condition’ regarding the offer(s), Sport11 shall possess the ‘right’ to terminate an offer or block the particular user(s).
  • The user is alone answerable for the protection and confidentiality of his/her payment accounts coupled to his/her Sport11 account. just in case of any misuse of the coupled payment accounts of the user, Sport11 shall not be command liable; any, such misuse of the coupled payment accounts of the user ought to be rumored to Sport11 as before long because it involves the notice of the user.
  • The people victimization the services offered by Sport11 provide their consent for receiving all the communications from Sport11 by marking e-mails from as a part of their "safe senders" list. In an occasion, if any of the emails sent by Sport11 remains uninformed by the user attributable to being sent to the Spam or Junk folders, Sport11 shall not be command accountable.
  • Any kind of watchword issued by Sport11 to any of the individual development the services provided by Sport11 area unit confidential and will not be shared by the users with anyone else. The users hold the only real responsibility of maintaining the confidentiality of their accounts and passwords. The users provide their consent by agreeing to the Terms and Conditions of Sport11 to tell Sport11 regarding any unauthorized use of their passwords or accounts or the other breach of security.
  • A single user is allowable to register or operate only 1 user account with Sport11 (inclusive of each net & app).
  • The users guarantee to exit/log-out of their accounts once the completion of every session. Just in case of any kind of loss or injury two-faced by the user because of the failure of lasting these rules and laws, Sport11 shall not be command accountable.
  • The Terms and Conditions of Sport11 bounds the users to neither modify nor become a reason behind modification of any of the files, technology or software system related to Sport11.
  • The people reinvesting services offered by Sport11 platform provides their consent of not repeating, modifying the technology and software system related to Sport11 and Fun options. Further, the users settle for to not rent, loan, sell, assign, distribute, reverse engineer, grant a stake in, or otherwise transfer any right to anyone of the associated technologies and software system.
  • The people utilizing services provided by Sport11 ought to neither conduct nor assist the practice of cheats, exploits, computerizing, software, hacks or any unauthorized third-party software system specifically developed for modifying or intervening with fun options and/or Sport11 expertise.
  • The users offer their acceptance to not disrupting, overburdening, or promoting any reasonably disruption or overburdening to:
    • The servers or computers providing or supporting Sport11 services or Fun options.
    • The enjoyment of's Fun options by different Users or persons.
  • The Terms and Conditions of Sport11 don't allow the user to achieve any kind of unauthorized access to the User accounts, Servers or networks associated to's Fun options by any means that except the computer programme provided by Sport11. The user should not relishes activities like modifying, trying to bypass or modify, or encouraging or helping the other person to bypass or modify, any security, technology, device, or software system related to the Fun options provided by Sport11.
  • The users offer their acceptance for not victimization the Sport11 platform for any kind of inadequate activities as well as (but not restricted to):
    • To have interaction in any obscene, offensive, indecent, racial, communal, anti-national, objectionable, harmful or abusive action or communication;
    • To Transmit content relating to services, products, surveys, contests, pyramid schemes, spam, unwanted advertising or promotional materials, or chain letters;
    • To Transmit files that contain viruses, corrupted files, or the other similar software system or programs which will injury or adversely have an effect on the operation of another person's laptop,, any software system, hardware, or telecommunications equipment;
    • The users area unit certain to settle for that they'll neither support or conduct any kind of attack as well as (but not restricted to) distribution of a pandemic, denial of service, or different tries to interrupt the services provided by Sport11 or the utilization or enjoyment of different Sport11 users.
    • To advertise, provide or sell any product or services for any industrial purpose on while not the specific written consent of Sport11;
    • To harass, stalk, threaten, or variation wise violate any legal rights of other individuals.
  • In order to register for the Contest(s), Participants square measure needed to supply the subsequent data accurately:
    • Full Name
    • Phone no.
    • E-mail address
    • Password
    • Referral code (optional)
  • The 'Full Name' and 'E-mail' mentioned by the user for the aim of verification ought to match with the Name and Date of Birth mentioned on all the documents needed to be uploaded for verification functions.
  • The individuals collaborating in activities, services or options provided by Sport11 square measure needed to supply their approval stating they need particularly browse all the terms and conditions and can accommodates all the foundations, laws and terms of use of Sport11.
  • The participants higher than the age of eighteen years and have with success completed their registration method by coming into valid and adequate data within the registration kind square measure sent a confirmation email comprising their login details.
  • In case of PAN card verification, any scanned image of a photocopy of the users' PAN card won't be acceptable. For PAN card verification it's necessary to transfer a full image of the initial PAN card.
  • Sport11 platform conducts varied contest(s) as a region of Fun options offered by Sport11. Sport11 offers fantasy cricket as a region of its fun options. The contests conducted by Sport11 permits the users to participate within the Fun options by formulating their own fantasy team(s) comprising of on-field players concerned within the on-field match (as applicable), series or tournament to that the fantasy game relates. The groups of the individual users are rewarded with points on the idea of the performance of on-field players at the top of a delegated match, spherical or tournament of the Contest(s). The user whose team attains the best combination of points are going to be declared because the winner of the competition. Sport11 is allowed to declare quite one Winner and distribute prizes to such Winners in increasing order of their Team's combination score at the top of the selected round(s) of the Contests within the event of assorted pre-specified contest(s). The Contest(s) organized as a region of Fun options would obey to the Terms and Conditions, rules and laws mentioned below:
    "Fantasy Rules" accessible at 'How To Play' rules and laws (including rules and regulation in regard to any payments created to participate within the Contest(s); and every one Participants comply with abide by identical.
  • Sport11 presently offers paid versions of the contests whereby the users will participate by paying a pre-defined quantity on the relevant Contest page as a region of contests entry fee. A personal with the best combination of scores at the top of the pre-determined spherical would be eligible for winning a pre-designated prize, as expressed on the relevant Contest(s) page.
  • An individual is allowed to create totally different groups for collaborating in Contest(s) conducted by the Sport11 platform as a region of its Fun options. However, till and unless Sport11 specifies a contest as Multiple Entry contests, the users are absolute to submit only 1 Team to participate within the contest organized by Sport11 as a region of its Fun options. within the context of the Multiple Entry Contest, the participants will enter within the contest with quite one team, however the user won't be allowed to edit or revise the groups therefore submitted for participation in such Multiple Entry Contest once the point in time. Further, Sport11 is allowed to limit the amount of multiple groups allowed during a contest or the amount of group's one user account will produce for coming into a Multiple Entry Contest.
  • Sport11 is allowed to charge a pre-defined fee for permitting the users to access the Fun options in regard to the Contest(s). During a scenario whereby a participant is found to be a resident of province, Odisha, Telangana, and Nagaland, by Sport11, the user won't be allowed to proceed to sign in for the spherical or league and should not participate in any paid version of the Contest(s).
  • Remember that all the prize distribution and its process will be decided by management of Sport11. No one can interfere or take any kind of action against it.
  • While referring a table to a friend or any individual, the table should be tracked perfectly without any error. If referred table is not tracked adequately then referral won't get any referral reward in their wallet account.
  • Also the spending of user must be fairly if Sport11 finds any uncertainty in users register account then the referral amount will not be rewarded to user.
  • Users will not get referral amount in one gap but in instead they will get some decided percent from every successful referral where referral percent will be decided by management of Sport11. User can win upto Rs.100 while referring to others.
  • If any illegal or doubtful movement will be found then the referral amount will be cancelled for that particular user.
  • Sport11 offers its services, contest(s) or fun feature(s) below two forms of Play Formats, namely, Regular Play and Safe Play, severally. The Regular Play choice of Sport11 includes of leagues whereby the user is allowed to form or, edit his/her groups and participate within the game yielding to a point in time that is 30 minute before the beginning of real-match in cricket.
  • The Safe Play feature of Sport11, on the opposite hand, edges the users collaborating or availing the services, contest(s) or fun feature(s) provided by Sport11, with extended deadlines. The users collaborating in leagues below the Safe Play choice are allowed to form or edit their groups until the last moment, i.e., right before the start of the real-match.
  • None of the events occurring during a Super Over, if any, will be considered for Points to be assigned/applied to a player.
  • Sport11 conducts Contest(s) as a region of Fun options as public and personal leagues whereby the users will participate in an exceedingly Contest with alternative Users with none restriction on participation. The general public and personal leagues obey to varied Terms and Conditions together with (but not restricted to):
  • Public League
    • Sport11 publically league format of the Contest(s) offers any pre-defined numbers of participants which will participate within the contest.
    • Sport11 is allowed to conduct the general public league format of Contest(s) as a paid contest and may announce the winner at the tip of the competition.
    • Sport11 will pre-define the amount of participants needed to create the Contest(s) operational. In an occurrence whereby the amount of participants needed to create the competition operation equalizes with the amount of users taking part within the contest, the Contest(s) organized as a public league by Sport11 can begin at the regular begin of the Contest(s). However, in an exceedingly state of affairs whereby the amount of participants is a smaller amount than the amount needed at the time of starting the Contest(s), the Contest(s) are going to be discarded, and also the participation fee are going to be refunded to the participants with none charge or deduction.
  • Private Leagues
    • Sport11 offers "Private Leagues" as another sort of a contest on its platform. The personal Leagues may be outlined as a contest whereby the users' area unit enabled to make their own contest and invite alternative users (friends or alternative Sport11 users) to contend with them. The personal leagues created by the users' area unit of pay-to-play contests whereby the players are needed to pay associate entry fee for link the competition.
    • Sport11 allows users to make a personal League contest with a minimum of two players and a most of forty nine players. The user will outline the utmost Winning quantity to be Rs.10,000 whereas the minimum Winning quantity for a personal league may be outlined as Rs.20. The users when making a personal contest are going to be given a singular identification code, the 'Contest Code' which might be shared by the users among their acquaintances for sanctionative others to affix the competition.
    • Sport11 neither permits nor encourages any amendment except the name of the competition once a user creates any personal league. The Winning quantity and range or participants once outlined at the time of making a personal league can't be modified additional in any case.
    • In order to affix a personal league, the invited user is needed to fill within the contest code followed by the payment of the entry fee, then solely the invited user are going to be thought-about as a participant of the personal contest. The personal leagues area unit a region of initial come back initial serve basis. In case, the personal league meets the specified range of participants; it shall be thought-about as operative, and no alternative user are going to be allowed to participate within the contest.
    • In an occurrence, a personal contest created by any user fails to satisfy the pre-specified needed range of the participant before the point that is one hour before the commencement of the match, the competition are going to be mechanically deleted and also the entry fee are going to be refunded to all or any the users UN agency have joined the personal league.
    • The participation of any invited user in any of the personal contest created by any user is entirely keen about the pre-specified range of participants for the personal league. Sport11 shall not be control chargeable for the deletion or cancellation of unite personal league thanks to an inability of meeting the pre-specified needed range of participants.
    • Sport11 at its sole and absolute discretion holds all the rights to dam a user account, refraining the user from additional taking part in or availing the services offered by Sport11, if any user is found or suspected of finishing up or encouraging any suspicious activity, by the auditing team of Sport11.
    • Participant(s) hereby shall note that the queries regarding particular contest(s) shall be submitted within 15 days. Users are requested to submit their queries on Sport11 within the 15 days of a contest(s). After the 15 days of a contest, the users shall require to submit their queries or doubts regarding the contest(s) through Email(s).
    • The participant(s) shall note that in ‘any circumstances’ or for ‘any reason(s)’ if a match will not be played, in another word if the match gets cancelled; Sport11 possesses the right to ‘pull back’ the deposited ‘table refer’ amount or the ‘table refer reward from Sport11’, from the user(s).
  • Games of ability area unit legal, as they're excluded from the extent of Indian gambling legislations together with, the general public Gambling Act of 1867. The Indian Supreme Court within the cases of State of Andhra Pradesh v. KR Lakshmanan and K Satyanarayana (AIR 1968 SC 825) v. State of Tamil Nadu (AIR 1996 SC 1153) has control that a game in which success depends primarily upon the superior information, attention, skillfulness, experience, and training of the player shall be classified as a game of ability.
  • The Contest (s) delineate on top of (across the Fun Features) area unit games of ability as success of Participants depends totally on their superior information of the games of cricket, cricket statistics, information of players' relative type, players' performance in an exceedingly specific territory, conditions and/or format (such as ODIs, check cricket and Twenty20 within the cricket fantasy game), attention and dedication towards the Contest(s) and skillfulness in taking part in the Contest(s). The Contest(s) conjointly needs Participants to field well-balanced sides with restricted resources and create substitutions at acceptable times to realize the utmost points.
  • By taking part during this Contest(s), every Participant acknowledges and agrees that he/she is taking part in an exceedingly game of ability.
  • The Contest(s) area unit open solely to persons on top of the age of eighteen years.
  • The Contest(s) area unit open solely to persons, presently residing in Asian country.
  • Sport11 might, in agreement with the laws prevailing in sure Indian states, bar people residing in those states from taking part within the Contest(s). Currently, people residing within the Indian states of Assam, Odisha, Nagaland, Sikkim, Telangana, Andhra Pradesh might not participate within the paid version of the competition because the laws of those states bar persons from taking part in games of talent wherever players' area unit needed to pay to enter. In case, amid careful audits on the tip of Sport11 any user is found to be a resident of any of the said states and is found to be activity it from Sport11 at the time of registration then actions mentioned earlier as well as (but not restricted to) block, account reactivate, account deactivation or deletion shall be initiated. In an occurrence, the state laws of those states amendment and therefore the residents of those states area unit allowed to participate within the paid versions of Game of Skills, the users (which were blocked earlier for being a resident of those states) shall be processed as new registrations and in no case, previous winnings shall be thought of and any claim of such kind won't be diverted in any case.
  • Persons United Nations agency would like to participate should have a legitimate email address.
  • Only those Participants United Nations agency have with success registered on the additionally as registered before every spherical in accordance with the procedure printed on top of will be qualified to participate within the Contest and win prizes.

    Sport11 can choose winners on the premise of computation and tabulation of scores in an exceedingly selected spherical (which might last anyplace between someday and a complete tournament) of the Contest(s). A person whose team can score the very best mixture of points supported the on-field performance of their hand-picked players are declared as winners by Sport11. However, in an occurrence whereby the amount of pre-designated winners is outlined to be quite one by Sport11, then, the winners are chosen on the premise of accelerating order of their mixture scores at the tip of the selected spherical of the competition. Sport11 shall pre-define the amount of winners to be proclaimed and prizes to be distributed on the competition page before the start of the sport. Any one known by Sport11 as making a team on behalf of alternative users are disqualified from the competition(s). In an occurrence whereby there is a tie between the winners, then the winning users shall be declared because the winners, and therefore the prize shall be equally divided among such Participants. If the users haven't complied to the Terms and Conditions outlined by Sport11, then, Sport11 shall not be susceptible to pay any prize in respect to the utilization of the, Contest, "Fantasy Rules," etc.


    Sport11 or the other third party organizing Contest(s) as a section of Fun options provided by Sport11 shall contact the winners of the contest(s) through email, mobile or each provided by the user at the time of registration. Sport11 shall detail the users concerning the documents needed for the gathering of the prize at this stage. As a general apply, winners are needed to supply the subsequent documents:

    • Original scanned copy of the User's PAN card.
    • User's checking account details and proof of constant.
  • An individual shall not be allowed by Sport11 to withdraw his/her prize while not the submission and verification of the on top of mentioned documents at intervals the time-period outlined by Sport11. By persuadable these Terms and Conditions, the users make sure that the documents provided at the time of verification area unit truth copies of the initial documents.
  • The users' area unit sure to give adequate and complete details at the time of registration. Sport11 shall not be control to blame for any type of communication, commissions or omissions that may result in a scenario whereby the results might not be communicated to the Winner.
  • Sport11 shall publish the list of the participants on a separate web-page on aboard on an individual basis informing the winners through e-mail. If ever happens that a winner's name has been displayed on the separate webpage, however he/she has not received any communication e-mail from Sport11, and then the participant ought to contact Sport11 at intervals the time specific on the webpage.
  • Sport11 is permitted to disqualify any winner from retreating their accumulated winnings post scrutinizing all documents (or any half thereof) on the subsequent grounds:
    • Sport11 identifies that any of the document or info provided by the user at the time of verification is insufficient, incorrect, misleading, false, fabricated, incomplete or illegible; or
    • Participant doesn't fulfill the Eligibility Criteria laid out in Clause ten above; or
    • Any alternative ground.
    • Prize distribution and grant connected picks undertaken by Sport11 shall be final, necessary and non-contestable. Sport11 detain all the amends to invalidate any participant collaborating within the paid formats of the competition(s) if called a dwellers of the abovementioned Indian states and forfeit any prize won by such participants. Any Sport11 is authorized to delay or cease the accounts of such players at its solitary and absolute discretion.
    • If simply just in case of a head-to-head contest every the users tend to possess same team with constant players furthermore as a result of the captain & vice-captain, no winner area unit declared in such cases and additionally the entry fee of every the users area unit refunded to their Sport11 wallets.

    Sport11 sometimes organizes Contest(s) in Free League formats whereby it permits its users to win cash prize whereas not paying any entry charges for the leagues. In an exceedingly happening whereby any user wins the free league organized by Sport11 the winning amount will get transferred to the user's account which can be used only for linking any paid leagues organized by Sport11. The winning amount cannot be used or withdrawn for any various purpose except for connexion different leagues.

  • Sport11 maintain all the rights to disqualify a participant aboard misplacing the prize of such contenders at its solitary and absolute discernment, in an exceedingly happening whereby a personal below the age of eighteen years is thought collaborating within the paid structures of the Contest(s) organized by Sport11. In addition to the current, Sport11 can withhold or terminate the accounts of such participants. Sport11 shall not be management liable for the quality, quality, and state of the prizes as Sport11 makes no warranties regarding constant to the extent permissible by legal authorities.
  • Sport11 is allowed modification or changes in the prizes given to the participants declared as a result of the champions of Contest(s) organized by Sport11, and additionally the participants not raise any claim or question the selection of Sport11 related to the prize modification.
  • Sport11 shall not be administration dependable or liable for any type of hurt or loss to the prizes occurring at the time of transportation.
  • Any type of transportation charges still as shipping and human to be undertaken by the purchasers in respect of the prizes.
  • Just in case of the money prizes, the dealing charges be the part of the purchasers.
  • The prizes given to the participants declared as a result of the winners of Contest(s) organized by Sport11 non-transferable and non-refundable. The winners can neither exchange/redeem those prizes for cash or kind.

In a happening whereby a personal declared as a result of the winner of Contest(s) accepts the prize offered by Sport11, then affiliates of Sport11 and additionally the corporate itself is allowed to use the name, likeness, voice and comments of the winner for various functions still as (but not restricted to) advertising, promotion of the company in any media worldwide, aboard commerce with none any permissions or consents and/or more compensation being given to the participant. By agreeable the Terms and Conditions, the conquerors of the competition(s) offer their consent for being on the marketplace for promotional functions as planned and desired by Sport11 with none charge. The promotional and advertising events can embrace (but not restricted to) press events, internal conferences and ceremonies / functions whereby the dates for the promotional events area unit one set by the team of Sport11.


In a rare event whereby Sport11 identifies the need of any governmental, statutory or by laws agreements or commendations for organizing any challenge(s) or the company detects any on-going Contest(s) breaching the legal tips or being prohibited by the legal authorities, then, Sport11 hold all the rights to cancel or withdraw such Contest(s) with none previous notice to the participants or the winners. The folks victimization the services provided by Sport11 conform to not produce any claims related to such cancellation or withdrawal in any manner. The staff, directors, affiliates, relatives and members of the family of Sport11, shall not be acceptable to be involved in any competition(s).

  • Any style of disputes related to Fun options or services provided by Sport11 as well as the Contest(s), the development, validity, interpretation and enforceability of those Terms and Conditions, or the rights and obligations of the User(s) (including Participants) or Sport11 shall be undertaken by the courts of competent jurisdiction at Jaipur. All style of disputes, issues, and queries shall be self-addressed by the court competent jurisdiction in alignment with the laws of the Republic of Asian country.
  • In a circumstance whereby a legal dispute arises (legal issue or question) between 2 parties, the party raising the dispute is certain to offer written notification ("Notification") to the opposite party concerned within the dispute. The parties concerned within the dispute ought to at first concentrate on partitioning the difficulty post receiving the Notification. However, if each the parties fail to resolve the dispute through mutual discussion at intervals fifteen days of receiving the Notification, the dispute shall be resolved by arbitration.
  • All arbitration which will conduct, proceedings shall be conducted in English and in accordance with the provisions of the Arbitration and Conciliation Act, 1996, as amended from time to time.
  • During the arbitration method, the parties concerned within the dispute are going to be complied to follow the arbitration award. To boot, the parties concerned within the disputes can got to bear prices of arbitration on their own and can got to equally share the fees of the go-between unless declared otherwise by the arbitrational court. The go-between is allowed to pass interim orders and awards, as well as the orders for carrying into action and such orders would be enforceable in competent courts. The go-between is certain to offer a rational award.
  • The users conform to access and use the Fun options provided by Sport11 voluntarily and at their sole risk. Further, approachable to not hold Sport11 accountable or liable on account of any loss or harm sustained as well as (but not restricted to) any accident, injury, death, loss of property by Users or the other person or entity throughout the course of access to the Fun options (including participation within the Contest(s)) or as a results of acceptance of any prize.
  • The people mistreatment the services or Fun options provided by Sport11 reimburse Sport11, and/or any of its administrators, employees, partners, associates, and licensors, from and against all the responsibility, liability, cost, loss or expense sweet-faced by the user because of their access to the Fun options as well as (but not restricted to) personal injury and harm to property and whether or not direct, indirect, eventful, predictable, because of some negligent act or omission on their half, or otherwise.
  • Sport11 shall not be control accountable either together or on an individual basis, for any style of errors or omissions, neither on behalf of itself nor on behalf of arbitrator in terms of the rewards.
  • By approaching these terms and conditions the user agrees that user shall be control only answerable for any consequences arising because of an occurrence whereby a user carries out any style of embezzled act because of the non-conformity with these Terms and Conditions and different rules and rules in regard to Fun options, as well as the supply of Associate in Nursing incorrect address or different personal details.
  • The users offer their consent to defend, and hold Sport11 harmless from any third party/entity/organization claims arising because of, or related to user's involvement with or his/her participation in any Contest(s) organized on Sport11 platform.
  • The people mistreatment the Fun options and services provided by Sport11, by acceptive these Terms and Conditions agree that Sport11 shall not be control accountable aboard waiving and cathartic every and each right or claim, all actions, causes of actions (present or future) every of them has or might have against Sport11, its various agents, directors, officers, business associates, cluster firms, sponsors, employees, or representatives for all and any injuries, accidents, or mishaps (whether famous or unknown) or (whether anticipated or unanticipated) sweet-faced because of the Fun options or related to the Contests or the prizes of the Contests.
  • To the extent allowable below law, neither Sport11 nor its parent/holding company, subsidiaries, affiliates, directors, officers, skilled advisors, staff shall be answerable for the deletion, the failure to store, the misdelivery, or the untimely delivery of any info or material.
  • In alignment to the legal bodies, Sport11 shall not be control answerable for any damage sweet-faced because of downloading or accessing any info or material, the standard of servers, games, products, Fun options or sites, cancellation of competition and prizes. Sport11 doesn't hold any responsibility if a User pays for access to 1 of Sport11's Fun options and therefore the user shall not be provided any refund as a results of, any unavailability that's caused by Sport11's maintenance on the servers or the technology that underlies our sites, failures of Sport11's service suppliers (including telecommunications, hosting, and power providers), laptop viruses, natural disasters or different destruction or harm of our facilities, acts of nature, war, civil disturbance, or the other cause on the far side our affordable management. Further, Sport11 disclaims any style of pledge for the content provided on content is distributed on Associate in Nursing "as is, as available" basis.
  • The users' square measure only answerable for any style of material accessed, downloaded or otherwise obtained through and holds the only responsibility for any potential harm to their ADPS or loss of information that happens as a results of downloading or accessing any such material.
  • Sport11 shall make best endeavors to ensure that the is error-free and secure, however, neither Sport11 nor any of its partners, licensors or associates makes any warranty that:
    • The will meet Users' requirements,
    • will be uninterrupted, timely, secure, or error-free
    • The results that may be obtained from the use of will be accurate or reliable; and
    • The quality of any products, Fun Features, information, or other material that Users purchase or obtain through will meet Users' expectations.
  • Sport11 holds all the rights to rectify any errors identified in the determination of Winners or in the transfer of amounts to a User's account, using various method as it deems fit, containing (but not limited to) over a set-off of the inaccurate payment from amounts due to the User or deduction from the User's account of the amount of mistaken payment. In such events, Sport11 agrees to notify the user about the error and the rectification measure adopted to address the error.
  • Complying to the legal bodies and authorities neither Sport11 nor its partners, licensors or associates disclaims any sort of responsibility for any direct, incidental, Collateral, special, or substantial damages growing out of the use of or incapacity to use our sites, even if we have been considered of the possibility of such damages.
  • Sport11 is authorized to cancel any Fun Features, events or Contest(s) requiring specific approval or authority from any juridical authority or any state or the central government, or the board of directors in an event in case of such permission or authority is either not gained or denied either sooner or later the organization of the applicable Fun Features, events or Contest(s).
  • By sanctioning these Terms and Conditions, the users consent not to make any demands, or claims in the incident of suspension or obstruction of any Services, incident or Contests organized/provided by Sport11.
  • This is to notify that Sport11 will stop giving welcome bonus of Rs100 for new registrations from 28-05-2021.
  • Sport11 Reserves the Rights to make a change(s) in the Pandit Fees/ Subscription Fees, at any time, with/without prior informing to the user(s).
  • In alignment with certain legislation, Sport11 is bound to notify the users regarding various events. In this concern, the users by endorsing these Terms and Conditions offer their consent that such notification issued and posted by Sport11 on either or transferred through the e-mail offer by the customer while registration, will be planned adequate and authorized, and will be useful upon the customers. Further, Sport11 shall not be held responsible for any loss of information or feeble to notify the user, if the user fails to give adequate and precise information at the time of registration. Sport11 shall not be held responsible for delay or failure in notifying the users, arranging / providing services, Fun components and Contest(s) due to outside reasons considered to be out of the reach of Sport11, including (but not limited to) any failure to perform due to unforeseen circumstances or cause beyond Sport11's control such as acts of war, riots, strikes, God, accidents, acts of civil or military authorities, floods, fire, network infrastructure failures, terrorism, shortages of transportation facilities or embargoes, fuel, energy, labor or materials or any cancellation of any match to which a Contest relates. If such an event ever happens then, Sport11 holds all the rights to cancel any related Contest(s) and to process an appropriate refund for all Participants.
  • Sport11's failure to exercise or enforce any right or provision of these Terms and Conditions will not make a waiver of such right or provision.
  • By affirming these Terms & Conditions, the customers deliver their consent that indifferent of any statute or law to the contrary, any claim or cause of action faced due to or associated with the use of or these Terms must be recorded within thirty (30) days of such claim or right of suit arising or be forever restrained.
  • These Terms and Conditions, containing all terms, conditions, and policies which are incorporated within by reference, constitute the whole agreement between the User(s) and Sport11 Fantasy Sports Private Limited and govern your use of the, superseding any prior agreements that any User may have with Sport11 Gaming Private Limited.
  • In an event wherein any part of these Terms and Conditions defined by Sport11 is identified to be indefinite, invalid, or otherwise unenforceable, the rest of these Terms and Conditions will persist in full blast.
  • Sport11 is authorized to moderate, restrict or ban the use of the, by any particular user or generally, in alignment to the Sport11's policy/policies from time to time, at its sole and absolute discretion and without any notice.
  • Sport11 holds all the rights to permanently close or temporarily suspend any Fun Features (including any Contest(s)).
  • Any quantity once more to the Sport11 account of user cannot be refunded back to the user in any case, and therefore the quantity will be wont to be a part of the leagues, fun options and Contest(s) organized by Sport11.
  • The people holding the services and Fun options provided by Sport11 don't seem to be allowable to cancel any dealing that has been once confirmed. However, Sport11 is allowed to authorised any user to cancel a dealing and refund the dealing quantity paid by the user at its sole and absolute discretion, in an incident :If the User sends a written request to Sport11 from the registered email Id to cancel such payment; or If the payment is formed for participation within the paid version(s) of the Contest(s), the cancellation request should be received a minimum of two days before the initiation of the spherical in respect of that the payment is made; Sport11 shall not be vulnerable to refund any quantity thenceforth.
  • Sport11 reserves the rights to refund the dealing quantity to the user within the above mentioned case at its sole and absolute discretion post deducting applicable cancellation charges and taxes. Further, amid the dealing method, the users ought to take a note of the extra terms and conditions that considerably govern the dealing. In an incident whereby the clauses outlined in further terms and conditions conflict with the current Terms and Conditions outlined by Sport11, the extra terms, and conditions related to transactions shall prevail. The refund is just applicable to the quantity wont to be a part of any league and shall be refunded to the Sport11 billfold supply, as subtracted.
  • The users square measure absolute to suits the Promotion Terms outlined by Sport11 in respect of such Promotion ("Promotion Terms") and these customary terms whereas taking part in any variety of promotions. Further, the users whereas taking part in any Promotion accepts and agrees to suits terms and conditions, and privacy policies of the Sport11.
  • The Promotions square measure solely hospitable users in Asian country. Participation within the Promotions by proxy isn't allowable.
  • Participation within the Promotions is voluntary.
  • Participation in one Promotion doesn't guarantee that such user are going to be eligible to participate in another Promotion.
  • An individual victimization the services and Fun options provided by Sport11 shall participate and avail the Promotions offered by Sport11 solely through one account. A user already registered with Sport11 isn't allowable to form a replacement account or use varied accounts for taking part in a very Promotion.
  • The people victimization the services provided by Sport11, aspiring to participate in a very Promotion is also needed to verify their mobile variety and different account details in alignment with the Promotion Terms for such Promotion.
  • The people willing to participate within the Promotion of Sport11 with their numbers registered on the National don't decision written record ('NDNC Registry'), ought to de-register their numbers from the NDNC written record till the completion of such Promotion (the free-entry (if any) below such Promotion). Sport11 shall not be control liable for any loss or harm within the event of notification failure to the users from Sport11 arising because of the participant's association with NDNC list. The users aspiring to participate within the Promotion with their numbers registered on to the NDNC list shall not be licensed to create any claim or raise any complaints against Sport11 if they are doing or don't receive any decision or SMS with relevance their participation and every one different matters concerning a Promotion.
  • The verification method might need you to submit personal data regarding yourself. The users willing to participate within the Promotion offer their consent to receive communication from Sport11. Any variety of user data together with identity and get in touch with details collected by Sport11 amid the registration, verification or throughout the user usage of shall be subject to Sport11's Privacy Policy.
  • Sport11 reserves rights to disqualify any user at its sole and absolute discretion from a Promotion in an incident whereby the user is known to be engaged in any inadequate, illegal, or unlawful conduct (with relevancy any of the Promotions or otherwise).
  • Contests for Champions & Head-To-Head (leagues up to ninety nine members) and twenty fifth of the entry fee to affix Mega contests with one hundred or a lot of members.
  • The deposit of the grant of the free-entry (if any) shall be at the only real discretion of Sport11 and shall be subject to the user's compliance with these customary Terms and therefore the applicable Promotion Terms. Sport11 is allowed to vary or free-entry (if any) provided to the users below a Promotion at any time with none previous notice to the users. The users don't seem to be allowable to substitute free-entry (if any) for different things or exchange for money.
  • In an incident whereby Sport11 identifies or believes that a user taking part within the Promotion has profaned the quality Terms, Promotion Terms or the terms and conditions of the Sport11 fantasy game(s), Sport11 is allowed to withhold or forfeit the advantages of a Promotion (including a free-entry because of a participant or any prizes/winnings earned by the participant by victimization such benefits).
  • Mere participation in a very Promotion doesn't entitle the participant to receive any free-entry indicated as a prize below such Promotion.
  • Sport11's call relating to the winners and prizes within the context of the Promotion(s) are going to be final and binding. Further, Sport11 shall not entertain any variety of correspondence, objection, complaints, etc. during this concern.
  • Each Promotion cannot be clubbed with any of different contest/offer/promotion that's running at the same time and arranged or conducted by Sport11.
  • Sport11 holds all the rights to modification/modify/or withdraw any of the Promotions and/or change these customary Terms and/or the Promotion Terms with none previous notice to the users.
  • Sport11 doesn't create any commitment, specific or understood, to retort to any feedback, suggestion and, or, queries of the participants of the Promotions.
  • Notwithstanding something contained herein, the mixture liability of Sport11 to a taking part user in regard to any Promotion for any reason some shall not exceed Rs.100 or the connection fee (whichever is lower).
  • The referral amount of every contest and other promotional or publicity events will be decide by management itself whereas users are not allowed to take any question against
  • There will be some tables that will be referred by only Expert users to expert users. In which if the referred person chooses the table for a user but the other user is not expert user than referral user won't be getting any rewards.
  • Also if an expert user refers a table to other expert user but the referral person chooses other match than referred table with that also the referral person will not get any reward since it's not a successful referral.
  • Sport11 provides you a chance to rival along with your friends by referring them for connection Sport11 through the Refer and Earn Program of Sport11. The subsequent Terms and Conditions area unit outlined by Sport11 for collaborating within the Refer & Earn program. These Terms and Conditions ought to be followed by the users as they govern the user's participation within the Program:

    The users that: (i) have associate account registered and a verified play account with Sport11; (ii) area unit eligible to participate within the pay-to-play Sport11 fantasy cricket game consistent with the Terms and Conditions outlined by Sport11; and (iii) have downloaded and put in the appliance on their various mobile devices, area unit thought-about as eligible for collaborating within the Program. Sport11 neither encourages nor permits participation within the program through a proxy.

  • Sport11 doesn't allow any user to register or operate over one play account with Sport11. The participation within the Program is voluntary, and no user is allowed to participate within the Program with over one user account.
  • The users whereas collaborating within the Program give their consent to abide by these Terms and Conditions of Sport11.
  • The users so as to participate within the Refer & Earn Program got to transfer and install Sport11's mobile application on their mobile devices. The users post downloading and putting in the mobile application on their mobile devices are given a novel link or code, that the user will distribute among his/her friends inviting them to affix Sport11 by making associated registering an account with Sport11, and downloading and putting in the mobile application of Sport11 on their mobile devices. The referred friend (Referent) of the user (Referrer) already registered with Sport11, will use the received link or code by either: (i) Clicking on the link, following that the Referent would be landed on to the registration page of Sport11 whereby he will produce associated register an account with Sport11, and transfer and install the mobile application on his/her device; or (ii) the Referent will directly transfer and install the Sport11's mobile application on his/her device, produce associated register an account with Sport11, and enter the distinctive code shared by the Referrer.
  • Sport11 neither permits nor encourages associate already registered user of Sport11 to register a brand new account underneath a brand new name. Sport11 is permitted to require adequate actions if a user registering with the Platform is known to be associate existing user of Sport11.
  • By acceptive these terms and conditions, the users give their consent to supply all data needed for the verification of a Referrer/Referent as well as personal information concerning the user (Referrer/Referent) and documents characteristic the Referrer / Referent. Further, the Referrer provides his/her consent for receiving communication from Sport11 aboard allowing Sport11 to directly communicate with Referents referred by the already registered user of Sport11. Any variety of user info collected by Sport11 amid the course of user's use of the web site shall be subject to Sport11's Privacy policy.
  • Any user will not be allowed to form any withdrawals from his play account registered with Sport11 till the completion of the verification method of a Referrer / Referent. Associate already registered user with Sport11 or his/her referred friend is permissible to hunt voluntary verification. However, the Referent may also verify his/her personal and call info at the time of registration of associate account with Sport11 through the Sport11's mobile application.
  • In an occasion whereby over nine friends of the already registered user with Sport11 area unit known to be unproven (email, mobile range, PAN card or checking account details unverified), Sport11 holds all the rights to say no or reject the withdrawal request of the user and block the user from the Platforms of Sport11.
  • Sport11 reserves the proper to:
    • suspend or deactivate the play accounts of the user already registered with Sport11 or his/her referred friend in an occasion Sport11 identifies or believes the user to be breaching the Terms and Conditions outlined by Sport11.
  • Sport11 is permitted to disqualify any Referrer/Referent at its sole and absolute discretion, in an occasion if Sport11 identifies any Referrer/Referent to be engaged in any unlawful, inadequate or unlawful conduct.
  • No correspondence, objection or complaints are diverted by Sport11 relating to the Program, and therefore the call of Sport11 during this concern would be thought-about as final and binding.
  • Sport11 will suspend or deactivate any user account in an occasion a user is known to be concerned in any variety of spamming on the web site of Sport11 or conducting any suspicious on the Platforms of Sport11.
  • This Program cannot be clubbed with the other contests/promotions/programs that area unit running at the same time and arranged or conducted by Sport11.
  • Sport11 is permitted to vary, modify, substitute or withdraw the Program and/or these terms and conditions with none previous notice to the users at its sole discretion.
  • The Terms and Conditions, as applicable to the Sport11's fantasy games and services, can apply to and govern the Program.
  • Sport11 doesn't build any commitment, specific or understood, to retort to any feedback, suggestion and, or, queries of the participants (Referrer/Referent) of the Program.
  • The Terms and Conditions for Refer & Earn Program may be accessed at Refer and Earn T&C.
  • In order to form, register and operate an account with Sport11, the users got to verify personal and speak to data as well as (i) Mobile range, (ii) E-Mail Address, (iii) Pan Card Details; and (iv) checking account Details like, Name, Bank Name, DOB, Branch, IFSC Code, State.
  • The pictures provided by the people victimization the services and Fun options provided by Sport11 should be scanned copies of the first documents. Further, the image size of the scanned copies of original documents provided by the users for account verification mustn't exceed 2MB.
  • By acceptive these Terms and Conditions, the users offer their consent to produce adequate and correct data at the time of verification. Sport11 maintains all the rights to dismiss the verification appeal of a user in an occasion whereby the PAN card details and Account details of the user doesn't match with one another.
  • The users victimization the services offered by Sport11 ought to provide the documents demanded by Sport11, none of the document alternatives would be accepted for the verification method. Further, the PAN card of a user making and registering an account with Sport11 born before the year 1968 won't be accepted. In an occasion whereby the user making and registering an account with Sport11 is born before the year 1968, the user are going to be needed to produce a verification academician whereby the user ought to email a picture holding his/her PAN card close to his/her face at
  • The verification method of Sport11 desires 1-3 days for completion. During this regard, all the verification requests will take a time of up to 1-3 operating days for completion. The users are going to be updated by Sport11 relating to the completion of the verification method.
  • Any amendment within the data provided by the user whereas registration or once ought to solely be pleased if received in writing with a sound document of amendment. Users' square measure guaranteed to offer the amendment within their data to Sport11 for change their records in the system. If the user fails to produce a similar, the user shall be control only answerable for failure in receiving communication updates from Sport11.
  • A pan card once uploaded by the user and verified from our finish will be deleted anytime if found or suspected to be a cast document.
  • In case the documents square measure found or believed to be faux, the user account will be blocked below 'fair play violation'.
  • In case a user is found to be a resident of province, Odisha, Telangana or Nagaland once the pan card verification, his/her pan card will be deleted anytime even once the verification.
  • A checking account once uploaded by the user and verified from our finish will be deleted anytime if found or suspected to be a cast document.
  • In case the documents square measure found or believed to be faux, the user account will be blocked below 'fair play violation'.
  • The withdrawals will be withheld if the uploaded documents square measure found or believed to be faux amid or once the checking account verification.
  • In case a user is found to be a resident of province, Odisha, Telangana or Nagaland once the checking account verification, his/her checking account will be deleted anytime even once the verification.
  • All bank accounts are incorporate to ICICI, thus, make certain the IFSC entered by you ought to be the new IFSC.
  • If finds any kind of error or inaccute information about Bank (Such as IFSC code) than the transferrable amount won't be transfer in users bank account and instead it will be refunded to users wallet account after which User has to go to through KYC process again for transfer from wallet to bank Account.
  • It is obligatory that the checking account range on the verification image ought to match precisely with the account range entered in details. The '0' obligatory to be mentioned within the details.

The winnings, prizes square measure subjected to numerous taxes. In an occasion, the winning quantity of a user crosses the mark of Rs.10,000, a 30.90% taxation charge are going to be obligatory on the winning of the user.


The withdrawal request of a user is processed among twenty four operating hours (herein the operating hours refers to bank's operating hours) excluding the date the request is created. In case, your withdrawal request isn't processed among twenty four operating hours when the date the request is made; please check your registered email address provided by you at the time of registration for any communications from sport11. In an incident, any Sport11 user is found to be violating the truthful Play Terms, or generally Terms & Conditions of the web site then Sport11 at its sole and absolute discretion holds all the rights to require strict measures against the users as well as (but not restricted to):

  • In an incident a user is found having quite nine referred friends whose mobile range, email address or PAN card details don't seem to be verified, then the withdrawals requests of the user are often placed on hold, or his/her user account are often blocked for good.
  • In an incident, a user is found to possess quite nine friends whose details (mobile range, email address or PAN card details) are unproved and therefore the user is asked to urge the small print (mobile range, email address, PAN card and checking account details) of their referred friends verified by the executives of Sport11, then the withdrawal request placed on hold shall not be refunded to the Sport11 notecase of the user & shall still air hold.
  • In an incident a user is found to be having quite single id registered on Sport11 or multiple ids registered beneath constant name then the withdrawal request of such users will either be placed on hold, or their user accounts are often blocked refraining them from enjoying more on Sport11.
  • Any user if ever found to be violating the truthful Play Terms of Sport11 which might be visited on 'Fair Play,' are either blocked from enjoying more on Sport11 or his/her withdrawal requests are placed on hold for violating the truthful Play terms.
  • In an incident, any user is known to be a resident of Assam, Odisha, Nagaland, Sikkim, Telangana, Andhra Pradesh amid the Sport11 audits and had hidden this reality whereas registering at the platform are blocked, and his/her withdrawal requests are placed on hold.
  • Sport11 might place the withdrawal requests of users violating the truthful Play terms of Sport11 or will block the user account at any stage amid its audits, despite if the withdrawal requests of the user had been accepted antecedently.
  • From the date 12th October 2020 you can't withdraw your wallet until you deposit the amount we have decided.
  • In case the withdrawal request of a user is unbroken on hold, and Sport11 at its sole & absolute discretion decides to method the withdrawal request of that user when he/she agrees to abide by the truthful Play Terms of Sport11 then such withdrawals shall take 5-7 operating days to method.
  • In case you're a Winner on Sport11 and is asked to produce your details (contact details, images, etc.) for promotions, then it's necessary for you to produce your consent for mistreatment the small print, images, and rights to use your images for social media and every one different varieties of promotions. In case, you pain providing the desired details then your withdrawal request shall be placed on hold.
  • In case, we tend to suspect any account to be violating our truthful play or verification terms already expressed within the Terms & Conditions of Sport11; we tend to hold all the rights to verify the user at any time. Sport11 holds all the rights to video decision any user at any purpose of your time to validate & verify his/her identity. If the video decision done as a locality of the verification method is found to be negative, then the user account shall be blocked & his withdrawal shall be placed on hold. Sport11 is free by all means that to verify & validate the identity of a user at any purpose of your time as per its will/wish.
  • While withdrawing amount from wallet User have to make sure that the withdrawal amount is not more than decided minimum amount. If it's not verified than user can not withdraw amount from wallet.
  • Also User must verify his/her Pan card, Aadhar card, Age limit and Email ID with Sport11. Without appropriate information and verification withdrawal won't be approved.
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